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School Timing & Uniform

For Boys

  1. White bush shirt with Bond collar, half sleeves with a pocket.
  2. Brown shorts as specified by the school. (I-IV)
  3. Brown trousers as specified by school (CI. VII onwards)
  4. White nylon sock.(knee long)
  5. Black shoes.(Leather)
  6. School belt. (will be available in school)
  7. Blue check Bush Shirt of Pre-primary students.

For Girls

  1. White Blouse with bond Collar Shirt, front open, Half Sleeves. (No puff sleeves )
  2. Brown tunic frock. (I-VI)
  3. Brown divided skirt (VII onward)
  4. White nylon socks. (Knee length)
  5. Black leather shoes.
  6. Belt ( will be supplied in the school)
  7. Black hair band & ribbon ( if needed)
  8. Blue cheek blouse for Pre-primary students.


Brown wool as specified by the school.


Boys plane ‘V’ neck full sleeve with white lining in the borders.


Plan front open, ‘V’ neck and full sleeves with white lining in the borders.


All students are to wear clean and correct uniform. It must be worn on all school days expect Friday an at all school function. Pupils with incomplete uniform will not be allowed in class.

Boys are to wear white shorts, shirts and canvas shoes and girls are to be wearing blouse, skirt and canvas shoes on Friday.